Make-a-Wish Balloon Glow

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What a wonderful event last night held right here at Mission Farms! I believe there were over a thousand that attended. Make-a-Wish is a great foundation dedicated to helping children with life threatening illnesses and we are just glad Exclusive MD got a chance to be a local sponsor this year. We look forward to Balloon Glow next year! Check out more pics in the picture gallery section.

Exclusive MD Office Pics

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Exclusive MD and Small Businesses

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We were very fortunate to of had the opportunity to share our concept with the Kansas City Business Journal but a decent portion of our interview was focused on health reform particularly for small businesses which was not included in the feature article. I did not want to let this opportunity go away. Exclusive MD has a program called "Corporate Choice" which is geared towards keeping employees healthy not only through sick care but with more of a focus on prevention and wellness. Our goal is to keep employees productive, decrease sick days, and decrease time away from work. A recent survey sent out to local Leawood businesses small or large showed differing stories in regards to health care and more importantly rising health insurance premiums. What resulted was that although all business were affected mostly small businesses felt the most pressure from these rising costs. Some forcing them to remove health insurance all together. Exclusive MD's Corporate Choice program gives you a different and better option. To decrease health insurance premiums, we promote switching from the typical PPO plans to a high deductible or catastrophic health plan paired with a health savings account (HSA). The savings typically can range from 30-60% decrease in premiums. Those savings leave more than enough for such employees to individually contract with Exclusive MD for all their primary care needs and still leaves them with more money to save.

Just Released Today -- KC Biz Journal Article on Exclusive MD

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This is our first article featured in Kansas City with hopes of more to come. Let me know what you all think.


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We just wanted to thank Amanda Guy owner of The Sugar Shack for creating our wonderful cookies for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Not only did they look great with our logo on them, they tasted just as good as they looked. Thanks Amanda!

Opening Day!

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What a relief! Its been long awaited but Exclusive MD is officially open today! If you ever thought of how different health care could really be you should come check us out. The excitement in the community about our new concept has only encouraged us to work harder to deliver a service truly like no other. So if you are just curious, just stop on by or give us a call 913-324-5007. Let us show you the difference.

Will the Public Plan Work?

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This is an article that does not speak of the new public plan but looks at the public plan we currently have, otherwise known as MEDICARE. If the new public plan is to work, you would think the one we already have would be doing great, right?!? Well that is not exactly the case.

I think the most obvious point found on this article is that Medicare is going bankrupt! I never did appreciate history class much growing up but now I do understand the importance of history. Learn from your mistakes so hopefully you won't make the same ones again.

Facebook with your Doctor

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Interesting article on using social networking sites to increase communication and accessibility between patients and doctors.
A study by Manhattan Research of nearly 9,000 U.S. adults showed that last year, 5 percent of respondents had sent or received an e-mail message to a doctor and that 49 percent were interested in doing so in the future.
I personally utilize facebook and twitter everyday, so these forms of communication are not foreign to me. What I do not like about these social networking sites in the medical industry is security. That is why at exclusiveMD we have a SECURE Patient Portal that only the patient and doctor can access. The beauty of the portal is that the speed and accessibility is equivalent to using facebook or twitter. If your physician currently does not utilize more forms technology to increase access it could be for several reasons. It could be with unfamiliarity with these sites but that would be less likely. Insurance reimbursements on the other hand are a huge proponent to why the medical industry does not utilize this technology. They flat out will not pay for facebook or twitter.

Art Featured at Exclusive MD

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Exclusive MD has partnered with Artichokes Art Gallery at Mission Farms to now be able to showcase many beautiful pieces of art from local artists. Featured in their new program "Art Around Town" we will showcase new and different artists throughout the year. You may view the specific art pieces featured at Exclusive MD right from their website and clicking on the tab "Art Around Town."

Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

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We just had our official ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday afternoon. Exclusive MD would like to personally thank all those that came to support us in this event. More thanks also to the Leawood Chamber and representatives from the City of Leawood. Thank you all!

Open for Complimentary Consultations and Tours

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With construction complete we are nearing our grand opening. However, we have officially opened our doors to the public for those interested in touring our office and scheduling a complimentary consultation. Feel free to email or call the office to schedule one today. Look forward to meeting everyone.