We made the 10 o'clock news on NBC last night!

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GM changing all employees to high deductible plans with HSAs

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Brilliant. Finally more are catching on to how health insurance should be always carried out. Now the medical industry needs to do their part by striving to make health care more transparent. One day at a time.

Get your own labs whenever you want...

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I met with David Rexroat over here at Med Express Labs in Overland Park, Kansas the other day. What a brilliant idea. Patients can now get whatever labs they want, whenever they want without a doctor's order. The process is quite simple. You can go online or onsite to view the directory of labs offered, pick one, draw your blood, then 24 hours later you have access to your labs through a secure web portal. Novel idea of making health care costs transparent. Check his website out at www.medexpresslabs.com

More Photos from the KC Star

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There were more photos taken by the KC Star that were not featured in the article so I thought I would share them with everyone. I am not sure how long they will be up on this link, so just check it out if you are interested. They are only on the web on KC Star's Website www.kansascity.com

Front Page of KC Star

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Check out my newest article in the KC star!

New News Section

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We just started our news section a week or two ago and you may have noticed the link addition on the right sidebar, but if you have not please go and check it out. So far we have our feature article from the KC Business Journal as well as others in there. Any new additions to the news section I will be sure to let everyone know. Our article in the Kansas City Star should be up possibly this weekend so keep an eye out for it.

1st Practice in KC to bring Genetic Screening

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We are proud to announce that Exclusive MD has partnered with Navigenics, a company that screens for medical relevant conditions through a genetic DNA test. Because of our aligned goals of ultimate preventative medicine, it only made sense to bring Navigenics to our patients. Through this collaboration Exclusive MD can now offer this testing at a reduced cost. Check out www.navigenics.com to learn more.

The sickness industry!

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Check out Dr. Jay Parkinson's take on the sickness industry and the wellness industry. He definitely is on to something. The key in this transition period is to show patients the true value in the wellness industry. Not only do you stay well but you save money. That is the industry that I want to be a part of.

Mammograms do work!

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There are many screening tests that can be performed but not all are exactly cost effective. Mammograms are not one of them. A large research study with over 6000 patients showed that 3 out of 4 deaths due to breast cancer occur among women who DO NOT undergo regular mammogram screening. We recommend regular mammograms every year after the age of 40 and earlier if there is any increased family risk. This month is breast cancer awareness month so if you have not scheduled your yearly mammogram please do so.

Kansas City in Top 100 List of Worst US Cities for Fall Allergies

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Have you wondered why about this time everyone starts getting sick? Well one of the reasons can definitely be tied to allergies and it turns out we are listed as 29th in the list of 100 Worst Cities for Fall Allergies. Keep this in mind if you find that you have a tough time breathing all day or end up with a sinus type headache. Talk to your physician to see what things they could recommend to prevent these problems from occurring or worsening.

Young woman with slightly high cholesterol...to worry or not worry?

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We cannot stress this enough about cholesterol and heart disease. Unfortunately this woman at the young age of 39 had 99% blockage in one of her heart vessels. She states that she did not think much of it in her 20s when she was found to have slightly high cholesterol in the mid-200s.
Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, says that over the years, it's become clear to most American women that heart disease is nothing to ignore. It's the leading cause of death of women in the United States...For middle-aged women, 40 to 60, high cholesterol is the single most important risk factor for heart disease and heart attacks

You are not too young to worry about heart disease. Get your cholesterol checked today.

If you are sick the last thing you want to do is paperwork...

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Now that flu season is amongst us and the weather is ever changing, unfortunately more and more are becoming sick. The last thing anyone would want to do is more paperwork. All we should be focusing on is how to get you better. An article featured in CNN about another innovative medical practice choosing to drop the paperwork and just focus on patient care has come about. Let's keep them coming! What a brilliant idea, as doctors we work for patients not insurance companies.