KC Nursing News shared our newest development against osteoporosis and obesity

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In our focus to stay ahead of the curve in preventative medicine, we recently acquired the GE Lunar iDXA, the latest and greatest in bone densitometry. With so many individuals at risk for early bone loss such as smokers, postmenopausal women, previous chronic steroid use, plus many more, we have gone too long waiting to identify osteopenic or osteoporotic patients. Unfortunately the patients identified with these conditions are at an age where the damage has already been done and hopefully we can stop the progression. In a test that takes less then 15 minutes, this body scanner provides loads of great information. The iDXA is also able to target and identify fat tissue as well as muscle tissue giving us the most accurate Gold Standard method for body fat percentage. This article in KC Nursing News explains the many benefits of our newest addition here at Exclusive MD.

New Article in KC Small Business Magazine

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Check out our newest article focusing on our goal of relationship-based medical care. It was featured in the Kansas City Small Business Magazine this month January of 2010.