Concierge Medicine Is Fixing Health Care

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Check out this 2009 12 month study showing the trends in Concierge Medicine. How to fix health care? Change the ratio of medical students choosing primary care. The current percentage is less than 10% of medical students going into primary care when less than 10 years ago was about 50/50. No government overhaul will be able to fix this issue. Let concierge medicine lead the way.
+ Over 66% of current U.S. concierge physicians operating practices today are internal medicine specialists.
+ The second most popular medical specialty in concierge medicine is family practice.
+ A surprising finding in this study was the increasing number of concierge 'dental' and 'pediatric' practices arising since February of 2009.


Be A Part Of A New Revolution In Medicine...Be A Part Of Change

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Do not be fooled by health care reform as it is truly health INSURANCE reform. If we want to see change, we cannot sit back and wait for it. We have to take action. The change lies in the delivery of health care and the collaboration between doctors and patients. Lets break down these barriers and provide care not based off of what insurance tells what we can or cannot do. My responsibility is to the patient and to the patient only. Be a part of the new revolution of medicine. Be a part of change.

Manage Chronic Disease...with Video Games

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First of all, I knew the training I had as a child would finally pay off.
Researchers are finding that interactive game systems are especially helpful for people with chronic health conditions. Playing the games increases physical activity and can even improve the ability to care for oneself.
The important message is physical activity. The more we move the healthier we are. So if you are struggling between what game system to purchase for you or your little ones, at least get the one that may give you some extra added benefits.

Herbal remedies are they should be safe?

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More and more patients are turning to natural alternative remedies for solutions to their ailments. But how safe are these remedies? In an article from MedPage Today,
Many such products, including aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and green tea, can interact with conventional cardiovascular drugs and lead to serious adverse reactions, according to Arshad Jahangir, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., and two other Mayo physicians.
Our responsibility as a medical provider is to not only become more familiar with these potential harmful drug interactions but to make sure we become aware of all the medications or supplements our patients are ingesting. Too often, most patients will not list their herbal supplements in the medication list because they are not viewed as a typical prescription medication.

My tip to the providers (i.e. doctors, nurses, medical assistants) is to please ask for this specific information or on a form to include another section in addition to the medication list for vitamins and/or herbal supplements.

To all patients, everything and anything that you put into your body affects your health for better or worse. So as a reminder, please do tell your medical provider about everything.

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New and Improved Blog Update

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Hello everyone,

In hopes of bringing more utility and education about health care and our practice, we have made some recent changes. To increase awareness about February, official Heart Health Month, are featuring a special educational video clip discussing the importance of a heart healthy nutrition and the dangers of metabolic syndrome. We will feature special videos every month that we think are worthwhile to see or learn about. Please feel free to comment on anything on this blog or anything you would like to see in the future as we pay special attention to our readers. Soon to come will be our featured "Health Question of the Week" which will be an opportunity for anyone to ask any health question they would like an answer to. Just send your questions to and we will address them one by one every week.

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